iGUANA Coffee and Tea

iGUANA was founded in 2022 by Carolina Petroche who comes from Ecuador. Through iGUANA, you can enjoy the products with which she grew up with: Coffee and Guayusa.
We at iGUANA believe in the inclusivity of the coffee industry. It must be a win-win situation for everyone involved. You enjoy coffee and Guayusa from iGUANA while children of the coffee farmers get better opportunities in life and in the wider coffee industry, if this is what they want. iGUANA provides children in Ecuador with education in order to have a fair shot and to overcome the limitations established by society. In this way, iGUANA will keep offering you coffee and Guayusa of the highest quality.
To reward farmers and coffee workers for their passion and work, we give you a cup of coffee that tastes better and better. We work with bi-annual harvest singel origen beans to bring out the full flavor potential of each coffee bean which we source from small family run farms and cooperatives in Ecuador.
Over time, we have perfected our roast profiles. We roast our coffee to enhance the coffee's own flavours and to achieve maximum benefits, allowing a talented barista to bring the best aroma to the cup.
iGUANA connects coffee farmers with coffee lovers and people in search for the authenticity of tthe Amazonian rainforest. Each bag of iGUANA coffee has its own story and, if you want, gives you the opportunity to co-write them.
Carolina Petroche